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NOAA, Earth System Research Laboratory

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Instead of clicking every single year file to download, python script can be used as:

import urllib.requestfor i in range(1979,2018,1): print('donwloading year',i) file=''+str(i)+'.nc' data='slp.'+str(i)+'.nc' urllib.request.urlretrieve(file, data)

This script downloads SLP daily data from 1979 to 2017 without clicking all files one by one.

ECMWF, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

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Example python script for downloading from ECMWF:

from ecmwfapi import ECMWFDataServerfrom numpy import*server = ECMWFDataServer()for i in range(1979,2018,1): dat=str(i)+"-04-01/to/"+str(i)+"-09-30" tar="slp_era"+str(i)+".nc" server.retrieve({ "class": "ei", "dataset": "interim", "date": dat, "expver": "1", "grid": "1/1", "levtype": "sfc", "param": "151.128", "step": "0", "stream": "oper", "time": "00:00:00/06:00:00/12:00:00/18:00:00", "type": "an", "area": "0/-180/-90/180", "format" : "netcdf", "target" :tar, })
For details how to download using webAPI

NCAR, National Center for Atmospheric Research

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International Research Institute for Climate & Society

The IRI Data Library is a powerful and freely accessible online data repository and analysis tool that allows a user to view, analyze, and download hundreds of terabytes of climate-related data through a standard web browser.

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