Big whorls have little whorls, Which feed on their velocity

And little whorls have lesser whorls, And so on to viscosity.

[Concerning atmospheric turbulence]

— Lewis Fry Richardson


Postdoctoral Scientist at NASA GSFC

I like working with numerical models and topics related to Atmospheric Physics. I enjoy using programming tools to analyze big data and finding patterns. My research interest includes but is not limited to large-scale atmospheric circulation, seasonal to decadal variations in large-scale atmospheric properties, and climate response to forcing from anthropogenic and natural sources. I have graduated with a Ph.D. in Climate Dynamics from George Mason University in Fall 2020 and joined NASA GSFC at Global Modeling and Assimilation office in December 2020.

My Current research at NASA includes: Air-Sea-Ice interaction, Climate model development, High resolution climate modeling, Annual to decadal climate prediction. My current project at Goddard focuses on satellite data assimilation with NASA GEOS and MITgcm model to improve annual to decadal climate projection, collaborated with MIT, NASA JPL, and UT at Austin.

Tools I use/used in my research- Programming Language: Python, MATLAB, R, NCL, GrADS, SQL, Latex, C, bash scripting. Machine Learning: Scikit-learn, Deep Learning, Keras, Tensorflow, RNN (LSTM, GRU), kNN. Models: CESM, WRF, Herwig ++, GIS.

Git Projects

  • Using Deep (Machine) Learning tools to Predict daily temperature of Fairfax city (Source Codes).

  • Building a Python-based library "AOESpy" for better application of statistical, dynamical tools, and plotting climate science data (Source Codes).

Office Address:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,

8800 Greenbelt Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20771


AGU Fall meeting. Washington DC (December 2018)

STEM Summer Camp Workshop (as presenter)(2019)

Summer interns Presentation (as mentor) (August, 2019)

FC Science Fair (as Judge) (May 2019)

Dr. Burls lab with Summer interns (August, 2018)

CESM Workshop, NCAR, Colorado (August, 2017)

Climate Dynamics Hiking, Great Falls, VA (October, 2016)

AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco (December 2019)